Meditation with Candles for Seniors

Meditation with Candles for Seniors

Choose a suitable candle, light it, and then sit comfortably, watch how it burns. Focus your thoughts and try to visualize in the candle flame what you want to achieve. Determine the purpose of your meditation for yourself and remember it when choosing a candle: the color and smell of the candle you choose will influence you. The meditation experience can be modified according to your desire by choosing candles with a different color and smell. For example, blue candles can be used for peaceful meditation.

  1. Prepare a place for meditation

Make sure that the place where you are going to meditate is pleasant, quiet and free from disorder. If required, light incense and place a candle on the table at the level of your eyes.

  1. Prepare the candle

Pick the color for your candle. If you want to give it a rose smell, put a few drops of rose oil on a soft cloth and gently rub it into a candle. Having done this, focus on positive feelings. It can be directed at yourself or at another person.

  1. Light the candle

When the candle is lit, sit back and take three deep breaths and full exhalations. Looking at the candle, watch how the flame moves.

  1. Tune

While staring at the candle, you will feel calm and peaceful from within. This condition is called “relaxed consciousness.” If your attention becomes distracted, carefully focus it on the flame again.

  1. Distribute your energy

Now you will find that the candle flame “responds” to your attention. You can “make” it whip up higher or be at rest, and this will be a reliable confirmation of the effectiveness of your meditation. While burning, the candle will exude a scent, and now you can visualize your goal.

  1. Visualize your goal

Looking at the flames, imagine the result you want to achieve. Let this feeling grow as you meditate. And now direct this feeling to your meditation. Get Health Insurance 2020 with

  1. Complete your meditation

To complete your meditation session, take a deep breath three times and blow out your candle. Choose a candle of the appropriate color and smell and watch its flame carefully while meditating. Medigap for elderly: medicare supplement plans help you pay for out of pocket expenses that are not a part of Medicare.

What are the benefits of Medicare in 2016?

What are the benefits of Medicare in 2016?

This is the time of year to make decisions about health insurance for 2016. An attempt to understand collective health insurance could lead to confusion and trying to understand that Medicare poses several different challenges. Medicare has cracks and angles plus access to Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 @ that are a bit strenuous and can result in unexpected expenses. Medicare is a health insurance program for persons above the age of 65, but it also guarantees people below 65 with certain disabilities and people with ESRD. What does health insurance include?

Medicare Part A (hospitalization insurance) includes hospital care, hospice care, and special care facilities. It also includes services such as laboratory tests, medical exams, surgeries, and home care. This insurance is important for all people and you will be enrolled automatically at the age of 65. Medicare Part B (that is, health insurance) contains services provided by physicians and other health care providers, ambulatory care, sustainable medical equipment, home health care and some preventive services. Part B can be selected with the option to deny the registration or release it later. Generally, everyone must have Medicare B, even those who have veterans or Indian health care.

Medicare also offers insurance for prescribed medications; The government depends on private insurance companies to market prescription policies with different costs and insurance options. As this is a competitive sector, insurers tend to keep premiums and insurance equally. Even if Medicare guarantees a benefit or an item, it usually pays a franchise, insurance and payment. Some of the items and services not insured by Medicare include:

  • most dental care
  • long-term assistance
  • prosthesis
  • Ophthalmological examination related to the prescription of glasses
  • plastic surgery
  • Routine foot care
  • acupuncture
  • headphones

If you or your spouse paid a health insurance rate while you worked, you usually do not have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare health insurance. This is a bit misleading because all health insurance costs are increased and for Medicare Part A, the monthly premium is $ 407. If you did not pay Medicare taxes in the years before Medicare, you pay $ 407.

Part B requires payment of the premium for each individual in Medicare; This is because Part B is an optional insurance. You can choose not to select it during the Medicare enrollment. If you choose, the Part B voucher is US $ 104.90 per month. If you do not sign up for Part B while you are qualified, you will have to pay a late enrollment date to choose Part B after the first offer and you will pay the penalty while you have Part B. Your monthly Part B bonus may increase by 10% for each 12-month period you chose for Part B. You may also have to wait for the general registration period (i.e. January 1 to March 31) register in Part B and the reports will begin on July 1 of the same year.

Main Reasons Why People Go Broke after Retirement

Main Reasons Why People Go Broke after Retirement

There are so many retirees who run out of money. In more often than not, this happens because of the mistakes they did during their working career, and when they had already retired. Knowing the reasons why many people go broke after retirement can’t help you come up with steps to avoid running out of money as you enjoy your twilight years. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons people go broke in retirement.

  1. They don’t spend wisely

You might unknowingly spend too much during your first years of retirement, and this is a mistake many retirees do. Since you have just started the new phase of life, and you don’t have to wake up early and rush to work anymore, you might find yourself without anything else to do expect to enjoy yourself. While it is not bad to enjoy yourself, you might end up spending too much if you don’t plan your spending carefully, and you can put a huge dent in your long-term savings. So, spend wisely.

  1. They live longer than they expected

Longevity is another reason why people go broke in retirement. Objectively, it is good to live longer. However, if you fail to plan for it, then you will not be financially prepared and you might run out of money before you die. When you reach 65, you can still live for more than 30 decades, and that is what you should plan for. But if you didn’t plan for a 30-year retirement, you can cut down your expenses, and find more sources of income so that you don’t go broke because you have lived longer than you expected. You can also move to a smaller house, or move to a place where the cost of living is low.

  1. They only depend on a single source of income

Some retirees rely on Social Security or pension alone. This is definitely not a good strategy. When relying on pension alone, it means that you will be ling in a much reduced income that is fixed. And life, especially at 65 or older, can be very unpredictable and can come with costly emergencies such as age-related health issues, which come with hefty price tag. Invest part of your savings, and find a retirement job if you still have the energy.

  1. Being unable to work after retirement

Working after retirement can boost your income and you may need United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 so click here .
Many retirees who cannot go back to work after retirement are typically disadvantaged.

Tips for saving finances when spending it on food

Tips for saving finances when spending it on food

Did you know that we seniors spend a lot in food than in anything else? Sometimes we may even overspend due to impulse buying that comes along when buying food. With that idea in mind, it is very crucial to make sure that you avoid spending too much money on food. Here are a number of money saving tips that seniors can employ when buying food. It is through heeding these tips that you can be able to make your retirement benefits last you long enough after your retirement.

Take advantage on senior discounts on food purchase

Food store or open retail shops dealing with food are known to offer good discounts to the elderly or seniors who have retired. This is basically because seniors are respected and well catered for when it comes to food. If you have just retired, it is better to take advantage of those discounts. The reason why it is very important to consider such discounts is that it will save your finances hence lasting you longer enough. Why should you spend more in your monthly budget when you can actually spend less by taking advantage of discount for seniors on food stuffs?

Compare food stuff prices

Different stores have their own specific food prices depending on the marginal costs associated with production. In that case, you need to choose to shop in those stores that offer food stuffs at relatively lower prices so that you can be able to save your finances. You need to save even a penny because you are a retiree who may not be in a position to be employed and to earn like any other person. If you have been shopping while ignoring the need to compare prices look for 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans from
you need to consider adopting such a behavior just to make sure that you shop in those stores that will give you some change.

Instead of shopping for vegetables, consider an own garden

A garden where you can plant one or two vegetable or other greens is very important. This is basically because it will save that coin that could have been otherwise spend on grocery shopping. It is better to pick vegetable from your own garden and save some money for use in the next day. Why spend when you can plant your own vegetables? Why spend yet you are not too old to grow your own fresh vegetables?

Products to Maintain a Healthy Immune System in Old Age

Products to Maintain a Healthy Immune System in Old Age

The immune system protects you from infections and diseases such as the common cold and flu. It also plays an important role in the prevention of allergies and cancer. To function properly, the immune system requires several nutrients like protein, vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and iron. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can help balance the flora in the digestive system. They are not nutrients, but they are still beneficial to the body. A balanced diet provides the body with nutrients and probiotics that protect you from serious diseases. Here are 10 foods that contain two or more nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system.


Avocados are known as a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the product is also a source of vitamin E and C, iron and zinc.


Just 10 years ago, mangoes were difficult to find in grocery stores. But times are changing, and now mangoes are available in grocery stores both fresh and frozen. Mango is a source of vitamin A, C, and E.


One cup of broccoli provides the body with vitamin C for 24 hours, which is important for the functioning of the immune system. This food helps to stimulate the formation of antibodies. Broccoli is also a source of vitamin A and plant-based iron, which also has a positive effect on the body.


Oysters are good to strengthen your immune system in old age because they contain a lot of zinc, protein, iron and some vitamin A.

Red sweet pepper

Red sweet pepper is ideal for the immune system, as it contains a lot of vitamin C and E. Red sweet pepper is a low-calorie vegetable that combines with vegetables and meat dishes.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A, C, E, and iron.


Tuna is not only a good source of omega-3 fatty acids for seniors, but it also has a high content of zinc, selenium, and protein, which are necessary for the functioning of the immune system.

Natural yogurt

Yogurt is a dietary source of probiotics that can strengthen your immune system in old age. In addition, yogurt has protein, vitamin A as well as zinc.

Curly Kale

Curly Kale is a cruciferous vegetable that is associated with cauliflower and broccoli. It is important for healthy skin and mucous membranes. Curly kale also contains vitamins C and E, along with iron and zinc.

Supplemental Insurance for Elderly: As an elderly who’s 65 & above, you must consider Medicare supplement plans which can be 2020 Medicare supplement quotes with help from qualified reps at
that can help pay for additional expenses not paid by Medicare program like co-pay, & coinsurance.

Retire Abroad: Some Simple Steps to Paradise

Retire Abroad: Some Simple Steps to Paradise

Recently, you considered the thought of retiring abroad. You and your spouse have no money and the economical situation is not improving. In addition, your next door neighbor really pissed you off. The more you look at the lifestyle of the celebrities, the more attractive they become. Like many Americans, they are looking forward to retirement outside the country. The main attraction is the ability to spend a few dollars while maintaining a good quality of life. The reminder for celebrities also adds good weather to the list of services you need. Meanwhile, before thinking of going to the coastal waters of paradise, you need to consider 5 simple steps:

What to try before you buy – No matter how many brochures you have read or research on the Internet, your personal experience is unique. A small detour from your retirement position can be reassuring for you. You can do your analysis and at the same time have fun. In Javea, Spain, a potential expat can rent an apartment on the beach for around $34 a night. Children at Home – Retirees can also have children at home. People have children later. Some may even play stock parents for grandchildren. Whatever your situation, please check your training options before packing your golf club. There is a publicly funded school system, private schools and a number of foreign and international schools in Spain. About 30% of Spanish school children attend private schools; most of them are mixed. International and foreign schools are the only schools that use English as the language of instruction. Please note that fees may apply to schools. Whatever you decide, preventative planning makes the decision simple and easy.

Foreign Income Credit – Now, if you retire while you live abroad, you can lay claim to a foreign tax credit. The credit will prevent a US taxpayer from double taxation. The retiree could decide to deduct the foreign tax paid instead of the credit paid. According to the Internal Revenue Service, to make a claim for a foreign income tax in the form of a tax credit will be advantageous for the expatriate. Health Care: What are the local health care in the country where you want to go? Is it necessity for you to have English-speaking doctors? Can you insure the costs of hospital/outpatient treatment? Can the Medicare Integration policy be extended to another country? Do you need extra coverage? Find the answers before traveling abroad.

Keep in touch: even the most private people need to keep in touch with friends and family. Determine how you connect with them before leaving. Social websites like Facebook and Skype let you connect with your loved ones in seconds and other sites let you get quotes and enroll in 2020 Medicare supplement quotes so visit
. Some sites abroad do not have internet features. Be aware of this possibility in the early stages of planning. Retiring abroad will be one of the most important decisions of your life. Some say that they have never felt better and that they regret nothing. Good preparation in advance makes this decision easier for you and your loved ones.

Benefits Plans of Medicare Offers Short-Term Open Enrollment

Benefits Plans of Medicare Offers Short-Term Open Enrollment

Medicare Advantage is a nice way to enjoy the benefits of Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans replace the initial benefits of Medicare Parts A and B through a private insurance company. To be competitive, most Advantage plans include additional insurance. For example, many people use dental services, hearing aids, glasses, and prescription drugs, unlike Medicare, with one exception. This leads to the development of cataract.

Low premiums are one of the greatest strengths of enrollment growth in Medicare Advantage. In some regions, there are plans that cost nothing, which exceed Medicare Part B premiums. The important attraction is that public health plans accept all health problems other than renal failure. However, there are things you need to have a clear understanding before enrolling for any of these plans. Most of the plans cater for non-emergency care provided you attend any of their own list of doctors and hospitals. With Medicare Advantage plans that replace Medicare insurance, you do not need Medicare insurance if you need an out-of-network doctor.

Each of the Medicare Advantage plans defines its own rules, but all must be consistent with those of Medicare. All Advantage plans must provide Medicare coverage equal or greater. To make sure you can get the required medical treatment, check the list of doctors and drugs that will pay for a plan before registering.It is rare for Medicare insurance companies to have trial periods, but that is exactly what you can do with many Medicare Advantage plans. Register before December 15 and if you change your mind, you can switch to Medicare from January 1 to February 14 of the following year.

The Medicare Advantage sources have a special “testing” period. In fact, it’s time to try one of the sources of Medicare Advantage (MA) after the first phase of registration, when you first got enrolled into Medicare. This is an event that occurs once a year and in which you can evaluate the type of health insurance plan you receive from a dozen insurance companies and insurance companies that you have chosen. If you miss out on this opportunity, you stand a chance of spending more and obtaining less insurance than you would expect. You could get a wider alternative among MA plans than Medicare supplement insurance policies based on where you currently reside. Except you live in Minnesota, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin, you may only choose from 10 Medigap strategy options. The aforementioned states have their version of Medigap plans.

For this year, the open record in Medigap has been moved to a previous date so that it can function correctly before the year comes to a close. Recipients will be informed that their grants will begin on January 1. From October 15 through December 7, Medicare beneficiaries can buy a Medicare Advantage or just get help with 2020 Medicare supplement quotes on
plan from a private health insurance company, but it is better to look for a plan as quickly as possible. MS plans are not widely available, but in the urban environment, several options can be considered. The reports report more than 24 different plans available in specific areas.

Canes for Seniors Who Are Blind

Canes for Seniors Who Are Blind

Freedom of movement even for a relatively healthy blind person is already severely limited for obvious reasons. If they’re also old and physically ill, then the choice of the cane for them must follow some recommendations. The traditional cane for the blind has always been only white – this has been the custom since the 1930s. Also, it is believed that it attracts the attention of others to be careful when a blind person is walking!

Today, canes with special tactile design have been developed for these individuals which makes the movement as easy as possible and also safe. Tactile canes, like regular ones, are solid and foldable. In stores, folding designs are more often offered: they are safer and more ergonomic than simple “sticks”.

General information:

Folding canes are telescopic and composite. In telescopic devices, segments are retractable, and in composite ones, they are fastened together with elastic bands and bushings. There are also combined models where telescopic and composite properties are combined. Composite canes are more reliable than telescopic ones – this must be remembered when choosing the design of the most important orthopedic instrument for a blind person. The fact is that the telescopic cane can accidentally fold if the locking clamps are loose. Composite canes are spared from such a defect and behave more reliably: you can safely rely on them.

Tactile canes are manufactured from composites – carbon fiber, glass fiber, as well as from modern aluminum alloys. The tip of the tactile cane is the most important part of any design for the blind. It is the tip that informs the person about all the information about the quality of the road surface and the obstacles on the way. Tips can be spherical or fungoid. In some models they are static, in others they are mobile. The difference is that static tips do not emit any unnecessary sounds, and moving ones can produce an unnecessary sound background that distracts a blind person from listening to the sounds of the street. True, they have one significant advantage: moving tips wear more slowly.

They are made from polymers, plastics, and ceramics. Polymers and plastics wear out more quickly, and ceramics can break if they accidentally touch a hard object. So, it is necessary to take into account your personal requirements so as to make the right decision. About Medigap: Are you an elderly who’s above the age of 65? Consider obtaining 2020 Medicare supplement quotes with
to cover expenses such as copay.

5 things you should do before you retire

5 things you should do before you retire

After decades of hard work and disciplined savings, it was finally time to retire. If you are preparing to retire this year, keep these 5 tasks in mind, from how to spend your money to how to invest your time.

  1. Create a budget and spending plan:

Before retirement, determine a sum of money that you can dispense regularly. This will help you compare the income you expect to have after working with your expected daily expenses and it will give you an overview of how much you need to live comfortably during your retirement. According to the estimates of the specialists, most of the retirees need, at least, 70% of the income they received before retiring to maintain the standard of living to which they were accustomed. People with the lowest income may need 90% or more.

  1. Determine when to enroll in Medicare and start receiving Social Security benefits:

Currently, people can enroll in Medicare at age 65. It is important that you join Medicare as soon as you meet the requirements to do so or that you start sending the necessary documents three months in advance. If you do not register before age 65, you may have to pay fees and penalties apply. Evaluate your premiums, co-payments, and co-insurance to help estimate how much you may have to pay out of pocket.

  1. Transfer funds from your 401 (k) plan to an individual retirement account (IRA):

Accessing your savings during retirement can be more difficult if you keep your money in your employer’s 401 (k) plan. Transferring your money to an IRA facilitates access and distributions sometimes, even a monthly transfer to your bank account, a kind of substitute monthly salary. Transferring your savings to an IRA can also help you save money, as many 401 (k) plans charge administrative fees when withdrawing funds. Placing your savings in an IRA managed by your current financial advisor allows you to optimize the planning of the distributions since all the assets will be in one place.

  1. Create a long-term investment plan:

The fear of losing your savings should not prevent you from applying investment strategies in growth stocks to offset the price increases. Sometimes a well-diversified portfolio that includes a balanced proportion of stocks and bonds can help your savings reach you for your entire retirement which can last for thirty years.

  1. Decide how to invest your time:

This aspect plays a transcendental and sometimes surprising role when it comes to determining your financial situation during retirement. Your plans and expenses will vary in the months to come, depending on your interests, hobbies, and activities.

6. Invest in your health and find 2020 Medicare supplement quotes on the following site

How to invest according to your age?

How to invest according to your age?

Age is one of the biggest conditioning factors when investing and for each age, there are assets that can pave ‘the road to success’ in the markets. According to the experts, young people must assume the risk and bet on profitability and when approaching 60, the goal is to protect the heritage by sacrificing profits. Age and investment are directly related and choosing the right assets at each stage of life can generate optimal returns. The objective of the young investor is to increase the capital and risk in his investment to obtain a greater benefit, therefore the variable rent is the most indicated for him. While in the last stages of life the objective is to preserve capital and increase risk aversion. Older people renounce profitability in exchange for keeping what they have earned and it is logical that they opt for fixed income.

Distribution of Assets by Age:

From 25 to 35 years old: In this stage of life, investments should be directed to higher risk products because the young person has a long time to recover losses if an investment does not go well. That risk is justified by the possibility of obtaining more benefit.

From 35 to 45 years old: In this range, 30 percent of fixed income investment and 70 percent of variable income are recommended. This stage is characterized by having large expenses: mortgage, children, car and the investment capacity decreases. By assets, mutual funds and pension plans are the most appropriate, together with investment in the stock market.

From 45 to 55 years old: For this age range, increasing fixed income to 45 percent and reducing the variable to 55 percent. In these years, wages increase so that savings capacity is greater, and stocks and funds are the most convenient financial products for this age.

From 55 to 65 years old: It is a stage in which expenses are reduced and risk aversion increases as retirement approaches so it is suggested investing 65 percent in fixed income which is gaining ground, and 35 percent in equities. As assets, the bonds and shares are indicated.

More than 65: The disinvestment season begins to cover the expenses that cannot be paid with the pension. The sale of shares and the partial redemption of pension plans are frequent. The aversion to risk is great and it is recommended to invest 80 percent in fixed income and 20 percent in equities. in this age range you can get 2020 Medicare supplement quotes with
In fixed income, the investment is aimed at short-term products and fixed-term bank deposits where profitability is very low and risk too.