Canes for Seniors Who Are Blind

Canes for Seniors Who Are Blind

Freedom of movement even for a relatively healthy blind person is already severely limited for obvious reasons. If they’re also old and physically ill, then the choice of the cane for them must follow some recommendations. The traditional cane for the blind has always been only white – this has been the custom since the 1930s. Also, it is believed that it attracts the attention of others to be careful when a blind person is walking!

Today, canes with special tactile design have been developed for these individuals which makes the movement as easy as possible and also safe. Tactile canes, like regular ones, are solid and foldable. In stores, folding designs are more often offered: they are safer and more ergonomic than simple “sticks”.

General information:

Folding canes are telescopic and composite. In telescopic devices, segments are retractable, and in composite ones, they are fastened together with elastic bands and bushings. There are also combined models where telescopic and composite properties are combined. Composite canes are more reliable than telescopic ones – this must be remembered when choosing the design of the most important orthopedic instrument for a blind person. The fact is that the telescopic cane can accidentally fold if the locking clamps are loose. Composite canes are spared from such a defect and behave more reliably: you can safely rely on them.

Tactile canes are manufactured from composites – carbon fiber, glass fiber, as well as from modern aluminum alloys. The tip of the tactile cane is the most important part of any design for the blind. It is the tip that informs the person about all the information about the quality of the road surface and the obstacles on the way. Tips can be spherical or fungoid. In some models they are static, in others they are mobile. The difference is that static tips do not emit any unnecessary sounds, and moving ones can produce an unnecessary sound background that distracts a blind person from listening to the sounds of the street. True, they have one significant advantage: moving tips wear more slowly.

They are made from polymers, plastics, and ceramics. Polymers and plastics wear out more quickly, and ceramics can break if they accidentally touch a hard object. So, it is necessary to take into account your personal requirements so as to make the right decision. About Medigap: Are you an elderly who’s above the age of 65? Consider obtaining 2020 Medicare supplement quotes with
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