4 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Many studies have shown that being active can have a great effect on the health of the seniors. There are various ways and forms for the elderly people to stay active. One notable exercise program is the concept of Yoga.

This fitness practice is perfect for seniors who want to keep their brain sharp, muscles strong and to keep stress down. Yoga can be a great part of a combined physical exercise program for elderly people. This is based on the fact it has a positive effect on calming the mind and keeping the body active. Yoga can be also a good way of protecting the overall wellbeing of the elderly people.
In this article we will analyze the main benefits of practicing Yoga for the Elderly people.

1. Keeps Low Blood Pressure
It is well documented that yoga can be helpful in keeping a lower blood pressure.  The concept of Yoga has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, while breathing exercises are beneficial for lowering the heart rate.

  1. Helps Bone Density
    Many Elderly people face the issue of weakened bone density structure. The prospect of regular Yoga can prevent osteoporosis. A two-year study of adults with an average age of 68 showed that those who practiced yoga had higher bone density than those who did not do yoga poses regularly.

    3. Yoga can reduce Arthritis
    Seniors with Arthritis can face difficult challenges while exercising. The concept of gentle Yoga can be a great option for seniors that suffer from Arthritis. Gentle Yoga does not put significant pressure on the joints, while still strengthening the muscles around the joints. Additionally, yoga poses add suppleness to the connective tissue to keep joints flexible.

    4. Yoga Improves Balance.
    Through the practice of yoga, seniors can increase their sense of position in space. Moreover, the increased level of awareness can be beneficial in having a better overall balance. Certain poses and exercises can result in strengthen all aspects of the body in a equal way. This is significant because many seniors suffer from falls as they age. By improving their balance, potential injuries can be avoided. It will also decrease the need for assistance from other people.

    Keeps the Mind Sharp.
    The incorporation of the various deep breathing techniques in the concept of Yoga can have a positive effect on keeping the mind and improve concentration and focus.
    One recent study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, elderly people who participate in yoga have significantly increased their memory and processing power.


Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere. This concept can be modified in a way that will accommodate everyone. Yoga can help calm the mind and the overall brain health. In the same, it does not require extensive physical strength. We can conclude that the concept of yoga represents an almost effortless activity that can bring many health benefits to the elderly people.

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