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Best Credit Repair: The most reliable

Probably, when looking for information about us, you found many other credit repair companies that look the same at first glance:

  • they negotiate with the banks
  • they promise you a discount
  • they make a plan to liquidate
  • they release you from debt

So, if what you need is information to tell you between one and the other, in this article I am going to give you 3 important reasons why Solve your Debt is the best option.

We were the first


Solve your Debt was born in 2009, and since then we have not stopped growing. We are not only in Mexico, also in Colombia, Argentina and now in Spain. We have settled more than 145,000 debts, and in our 27 branches we serve hundreds of people daily who seek help to solve their financial problems. These numbers are no small thing, with them you can know two things: that our program DOES WORK, and that we have more experience than any other existing repair company.

We not only resolve debts

Our commitment to customers goes far beyond simply helping them settle their debts, we want to rehabilitate their financial life. That is why we have two sister business lines that help us achieve this goal: Check and Good Credit.

Once our clients have paid off their debts, they can access Check, which is a tool that helps improve their credit rating to become credit subjects again. On the other hand there is Good Credit, which is a loan platform between individuals in which, although it is difficult for you to believe.

We are backed by a great engineering team

We are backed by a great engineering team

The information that comes to our hands is protected in a controlled database, protected by state-of-the-art technology, since our Engineering team is always up to date with regards to virtual security.

In addition to taking care of the information security of our clients and candidates, our technology team developed an application in which our clients can view the status of their program, answer frequent questions and contact customer service, all this to provide them with the Best experience during the months of your plan.

We introduce you to those who make it possible:


And just like them, another 1,251 people in 4 countries are ready to help those who want to settle their debts.

Now that you know we are the most reliable option, I will explain our program in 4 easy steps, in case you still have doubts:

  1. Upon registering, one of our debt repair specialists will take your data to contact you. In this call you will receive a clear explanation of how we can help you. Signing up is simple, fast and secure, and your first advice is completely free.
  2. We will analyze your case and provide you with financial advice, in this step we will define the amount you will save monthly and the approximate term in which you can settle your debts. Your contributions will be monthly and will be in a secure account and in your name.
  3. While you save, our negotiation team will work to get the best discount for your debts, which will depend on the financial institution with which you have them, in our 9 years we have achieved discounts of up to 70%! We will inform you of the status of the negotiations so that you have visibility of the progress of your program.
  4. When we get the best possible discount, we will be ready to settle your debt. When you finish paying you will not only be debt free, you will also be ready to start a life with healthy financial habits.
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