4 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Many studies have shown that being active can have a great effect on the health of the seniors. There are various ways and forms for the elderly people to stay active. One notable exercise program is the concept of Yoga.

This fitness practice is perfect for seniors who want to keep their brain sharp, muscles strong and to keep stress down. Yoga can be a great part of a combined physical exercise program for elderly people. This is based on the fact it has a positive effect on calming the mind and keeping the body active. Yoga can be also a good way of protecting the overall wellbeing of the elderly people.
In this article we will analyze the main benefits of practicing Yoga for the Elderly people.

1. Keeps Low Blood Pressure
It is well documented that yoga can be helpful in keeping a lower blood pressure.  The concept of Yoga has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, while breathing exercises are beneficial for lowering the heart rate.

  1. Helps Bone Density
    Many Elderly people face the issue of weakened bone density structure. The prospect of regular Yoga can prevent osteoporosis. A two-year study of adults with an average age of 68 showed that those who practiced yoga had higher bone density than those who did not do yoga poses regularly.

    3. Yoga can reduce Arthritis
    Seniors with Arthritis can face difficult challenges while exercising. The concept of gentle Yoga can be a great option for seniors that suffer from Arthritis. Gentle Yoga does not put significant pressure on the joints, while still strengthening the muscles around the joints. Additionally, yoga poses add suppleness to the connective tissue to keep joints flexible.

    4. Yoga Improves Balance.
    Through the practice of yoga, seniors can increase their sense of position in space. Moreover, the increased level of awareness can be beneficial in having a better overall balance. Certain poses and exercises can result in strengthen all aspects of the body in a equal way. This is significant because many seniors suffer from falls as they age. By improving their balance, potential injuries can be avoided. It will also decrease the need for assistance from other people.

    Keeps the Mind Sharp.
    The incorporation of the various deep breathing techniques in the concept of Yoga can have a positive effect on keeping the mind and improve concentration and focus.
    One recent study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, elderly people who participate in yoga have significantly increased their memory and processing power.


Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere. This concept can be modified in a way that will accommodate everyone. Yoga can help calm the mind and the overall brain health. In the same, it does not require extensive physical strength. We can conclude that the concept of yoga represents an almost effortless activity that can bring many health benefits to the elderly people.

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All you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plans

About the plans:

Are you among those individuals who visit their doctor or health specialist quite frequently? If it is true, you may need to understand that Medicare Part A, as well as Part B, accompany affordable costs that you need to pay on your health.  Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, plans fill in all the areas left uncovered by Original Medicare plan, Part A and Part B, for example, deductibles, copayments & coinsurance.

In 47 states of the USA, there are 10 institutionalized Medicare Supplement plans that are denoted by the letters A to N, however the plans E,I,J and H are no longer available. The private insurance agencies offering these plans don’t really provides each Medicare Supplement policy / plan, yet they always offer Plan A. On the off chance that an insurance agency offers any Medicare Supplement plan along with the Plan A then it must offer either Plan C or Plan F alongside some other institutionalized Medicare Supplement plan that it offers.

Their coverage:

Every Medicare Supplement policy/plan offers an alternate coverage, however, each lettered policy incorporate the same institutionalized advantages no matter that insurance agency and area it is. For instance, Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida incorporates the similar advantages from Plan G in North Dakota. But, if you live in Massachusetts, Wisconsin or Minnesota then your Medicare Supplement protection alternatives are not quite the same as in the other areas of the nation. Medicare Supplement plans don’t really cover long-term, vision, dental, or hearing devices, yet all plans must cover the following things:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance costs up to an extra 365 days after Medicare benefits are depleted
  • Medicare Part A hospice care copayments or coinsurance.
  • Medicare Part B copayments or coinsurance
  • Initial three pints of blood utilized as a part of a medicinal procedure

A few plans incorporate extra coverage. For instance, Medicare Supplement Plan F, the best institutionalized Medigap plans, conveys the following extra advantages:

  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Skilled Nursing Facility care coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B preventive care coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Foreign medical care

Medicare Supplement plans cost:

All the private insurance agencies offer similar advantages for each similar lettered plan but, they can charge higher premiums for the coverage. You should need to look around to discover a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that fits both your medical as well as financial requirements.

Their eligibility:

To be qualified to select in a Medicare Supplement plan, you should be enlisted in both Medicare Part A as well as Part B. A perfect time to enlist in any such plan is for the most part amid the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts on the exact day of the month when you are age 65 or older and you are selected in Part B, and lasts for a half year.


5 exams you must get to check your health

We all wish to stay healthy and that is possible if you keep a good regime of diet and exercise and also visit your doctor regularly. Your doctor would examine your body for any early signs of problems that could be dealt with in time to ensure that the best results are achieved. For that, however, you will have to be active and get yourself a thorough check-up. The 5 most important check-ups during a medical examination should be as follows:

Heart test: If you are above 30, it’s a must that you get your heart checked, especially when heart condition runs in your family. The test that must be conducted would be ECG, EKG, Echos, Coronary calcium scan etc. These tests are also helpful to find the heart condition before taking part in any physical activity to know about any risks etc.

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Blood pressure: Another common test that is a must, is a blood pressure check. Blood pressure check will bring out the situation of hypertension or heart issues. It is a good way to get alarmed of prehypertension if the symptoms exist. High blood pressure and low blood pressure both causes trouble and it is easy to control the situation when they are diagnosed in time.

Mammogram test: There are so many cases of breast cancer that have come to light. The mammogram is a breast X-ray that should be a part of the doctor’s check-up schedule as it will lead to early detection of any signs of the condition. Screening of breasts can bring out the health condition; it is easy to take precautions and needed medication in cases of early detection.

Lipoprotein: Only a small amount of cholesterol is required by the body, the rest gets deposited on the walls of the artery throughout the body these leads to blockages and heart attacks. The measures of the tests are high-density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL), and triglycerides which means a presence of another fatty substance other than cholesterol level. A regulated cholesterol level reduces the risk of heart attacks and artery diseases.

Blood test: It is unlikely that a body disability is not depicted by the blood, thus blood test forms an important part of body check-up. Blood test for blood platelets and hemoglobin is highly common. FBC (full blood count) would be enough to find out about the blood’s health and the overall health of the body. These blood samples may be further used for any other special test like thyroid testing or similar conditions.


Medicare Supplement Plans, choose that suits your needs and wallet

Are you one of those subscribers who is not happy having your basic plan, then it is time you consider supplemental insurance. The Medicare supplement plans are different and are now in ten different types.


Some may cover the supplement expenses mostly, while few other Medicare supplement plans may cover similar to basic. There is a range to choose, so finding Medicare suitable plans to make a good fit is not much of a problem.


Medigap plans to suitability


It may also appear unnecessary for the Medigap plans to look into, but it is a fabulous idea as there are over ten plans to consider. Of course, you must spend some quality time and compare the plans to your needs such that it suits your financially and medically, besides you can also compare the rates of the plans between insurance companies.


One thing you must know that Medicare does not sell these plans directly. It oversees the plans coverage offer. Medicare supplement plans ensure every insurance company is offering the same plans created by Medicare itself. It ascertains the plans are the same, but offers the flexibility to the companies to fix their prices. Thus it allows competition in plenty and this is owing to the prices. The rates of insurance plan with some private companies are unreasonably high and so it is up to buyers to sort by comparing the prices.


Medigap plans should be understood clearly, before you decide on the rates. You must consider the best plan that is suitable to your needs. As such there is not best plan as the situation of each individual is different. Yet, there are few plans that people get enrolled as it offers the best coverage.


Plans Preferred

Medicare Supplement Plans are many, but Plan F is in high demand. This is because it offers good cover that the subscribers of Medicare are seen literally clamoring for it.


This plan F receives utmost attention. This plan claims to be the most economical plan. In fact, there are many Medigap plans that offer similar cover as Plan F, but are on the expensive side.


Medicare Plan G and N from Medicare supplement plans are also preferred and are considered as better plans. However, the best plan is the one that fits your needs and you afford to pay. People with few medical expenses and are uncovered by Medicare basic cover, may find Plan F to be expensive.