Causes & Symptoms of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

Causes & Symptoms of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

Hemorrhoids cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. Hemorrhoids nodes often fall out, bleed, and hurt. A burning sensation and painful stools only add further discomfort. The reasons for the emergence of this disease are many, but they often depend on what kind of life a person leads as well as their field of work. However, below are some of the most common causes of hemorrhoids in seniors:

Extended hours of sitting at one place with little to no movement. Quite often, this disease is manifested in people who spend the whole day in a chair or on a chair. This is often influenced by a person’s specialty, whether an office worker or a transport driver. The blood flowing through the veins of the rectum stagnates. Blood clots and nodes are formed.

Inadequate and improper nutrition. Large consumption of flour products, irregular nutrition, and an excess of sweet can cause constipation.

The period of gestation, the expectations of the child in women. The enlarged uterus during the entire period of pregnancy presses the veins in the small pelvis, which can later lead to the development of chronic disease.

Excessive use of alcohol and smoking. Alcohol expands blood vessels, which can later cause the appearance of nodes in the anus and their bleeding.

Frequent stress, emotional distress.

Fatigue, lack of proper rest, and heavy physical labor may also lead to hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are manifested in a variety of ways. It may appear on the outside in the form of painful nodes, or it may form inside. Besides, it may also combine both internal and external signs.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids include the following:

Painful and unpleasant sensations in the anus.

Burning sensation.

Loss of nodes from the anus.

Blood drops after defecation.

The touch may resemble a bump or ball.

Severe itching in the anus.

Copious bleeding from the anus.

Feeling of non-empty bowel.

Severe pain during the stool.


Among the biggest dangers of hemorrhoids is that it can develop into serious thrombosis, and further tissue necrosis, up to sepsis, can occur. Periodic bleeding causes a lack of iron in the body, external nodes do not allow a person to quietly move, causing pain, and in some cases may even affect their ability to stand still. Medigap for older individuals: Seniors above 65 can use 2020 Medicare supplement quotes quoted by an agent at for covering expenditures such as deductible.