Meditation with Candles for Seniors

Meditation with Candles for Seniors

Choose a suitable candle, light it, and then sit comfortably, watch how it burns. Focus your thoughts and try to visualize in the candle flame what you want to achieve. Determine the purpose of your meditation for yourself and remember it when choosing a candle: the color and smell of the candle you choose will influence you. The meditation experience can be modified according to your desire by choosing candles with a different color and smell. For example, blue candles can be used for peaceful meditation.

  1. Prepare a place for meditation

Make sure that the place where you are going to meditate is pleasant, quiet and free from disorder. If required, light incense and place a candle on the table at the level of your eyes.

  1. Prepare the candle

Pick the color for your candle. If you want to give it a rose smell, put a few drops of rose oil on a soft cloth and gently rub it into a candle. Having done this, focus on positive feelings. It can be directed at yourself or at another person.

  1. Light the candle

When the candle is lit, sit back and take three deep breaths and full exhalations. Looking at the candle, watch how the flame moves.

  1. Tune

While staring at the candle, you will feel calm and peaceful from within. This condition is called “relaxed consciousness.” If your attention becomes distracted, carefully focus it on the flame again.

  1. Distribute your energy

Now you will find that the candle flame “responds” to your attention. You can “make” it whip up higher or be at rest, and this will be a reliable confirmation of the effectiveness of your meditation. While burning, the candle will exude a scent, and now you can visualize your goal.

  1. Visualize your goal

Looking at the flames, imagine the result you want to achieve. Let this feeling grow as you meditate. And now direct this feeling to your meditation. Get Health Insurance 2020 with

  1. Complete your meditation

To complete your meditation session, take a deep breath three times and blow out your candle. Choose a candle of the appropriate color and smell and watch its flame carefully while meditating. Medigap for elderly: medicare supplement plans help you pay for out of pocket expenses that are not a part of Medicare.